Established in 1979 as the brainchild of Prof. Marco Filippi and Ing. Piero Gauna, the company was managed for a long time by Ing. Matteo Bo and Ing. Massimo Rapetti, who were joined in 2017 by Ing. Giorgio Bo and in 2020 by Ing. Elena Bo. Since 2013 Prodim has been a member of the EP&S Group and plays a leading role on the Italian scene in the planning of highly complex technological plants, hospitals first and foremost.
In the course of its history, the company has excelled in the solution of complex problems relating to the design of plants for the advanced tertiary service, industrial and, above all, hospital sectors.
people who have worked with us
years of experience
Foundation of Prodim S.r.l.
First major works for the San Paolo IMI group, and significant experiences with buildings of historical and cultural importance in Piedmont and the Valle d’Aosta
Planning and Supervision of Work on high-tech systems for the Lingotto exhibition and shopping centre in Turin, the company’s first major experience in the tertiary service sector
The planning and supervision of work on high-tech systems for the New City of Biella Hospital Hub, which covers an area of 130,000 square metres and is one of the largest in Italy, and another important series of interventions in hospitals – the Waldensian Hospital of Turin and Rapallo Hospital – give life to the company’s renowned experience in the hospital planning field
Commencement of Project Management and Supervision of Work on mechanical systems for the Intesa-San Paolo Office Building, a LEED®Platinum-certified example of sustainability in Europe and one of the most important skyscrapers in Italy
Planning of the Sant’ Anna Hospital in Como, Vimercate Hospital, Vallebelbo Hospital, and the new Istituto Giannina Gaslini Day Hospital: consolidation of experience in the planning and supervision of work on hospitals
Prodim realises a number of prestigious projects for the restructuring of historical buildings or of historical interest, developing its know-how of the plant engineering inside them
The company becomes a member of the EP&S Group
Ing. Giorgio Bo joins as CEO
Prodim is responsible for the design engineering on two of the most important hospitals in Italy and Europe: the new Galeazzi orthopaedic institute in Milan and the City of Health and Research in Milan