Our Sectors

Prodim addresses the new challenges of modern building on a daily basis, especially in the field of the civil and industrial plant engineering. Its most important interventions take place on large-scale high-tech systems and involve complex problem-solving. Today the company is a leader in the hospital and health sector.

Hospitals and Health

We at PRODIM have proven experience and play an important role in the hospital and health sector. We work in the sector with a dual purpose: on the one hand to construct functional and safe environments for all users, on the other to ensure specific requisites such as reliability and reduced running and maintenance consumption.
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The Service and Commercial Sectors

These sectors are comprised in the activities of the Group, which uses the most innovative eco-friendly planning technologies to construct buildings that are cutting-edge both structurally and functionally. PRODIM EP&S excels in the large-scale distribution and shopping centre sector with interventions of integrated engineering.
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Industry and Logistics

Industrial production and management buildings are realised with special care to avoid compromising productivity. The project intervention logic is always to ensure need fulfilment and advance problem-solving.
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Historical buildings and restoration

Thanks to the experience and know-how they have developed in the conservative restoration of historical buildings in Italy – a country that boasts one of the richest historical and artistic heritages in the world – PRODIM’s professionals always ensure expert management of and interventions on the architecture, structure and design of buildings.
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Residences and Hospitality Facilities

The aim of the activity carried out in this sector is to deliver environments that provide a better quality of life. We at PRODIM accompany our clients through the whole project, providing bespoke high energy-efficient solutions, adaptable to future needs thanks to our experience in the field of environmental sustainability.
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Sport and Culture

The Group works in the sports and culture sector, creating sites with a high concentration of technology and cutting-edge design that are easy to use for managers and visitors alike. Thanks to the vast experience and specialisation of its professionals, PRODIM is able to provide solutions that ensure the well-being of the final user.
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